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Free Range Finely Chopped Carcass

Weight: 1.0 kg

This product is made from 100% Free range chicken carcass. Our Free range chicken carcass is more than just bone. Our carcasses also include a generous amount of meat too. Therefore the finished chopped carcass product is a hearty mixture of meat and bones. Ideal for bone broths but also a popular option with some of our customers for dogs. We believe this is because it is entirely natural, wholesome and packed with nutrients.

All Chickens are high welfare and free range. The access to fresh pastures and free roaming in daylight hours makes for a well exercised and happy bird. This level of animal husbandry truly affects the end products you receive.


Please note: we supply all our Free Range finely chopped Chicken carcass frozen. This is to guarantee the quality and freshness of the product. We pack all chopped carcass in 1kg vac packed bags. In order to ensure the product is cool in transit, we send all orders out in insulated boxes with ice packs.