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Free Range Christmas Goose Pre-Order

Weight: 4.0 kg

We have run out of stock for this item.

Treat yourself and your family to a festive show stopper with a Free Range Christmas Goose specially sourced for Christmas!

Like our Free Range chickens, the Free Range Geese are reared outdoors in a natural environment and given a natural diet. They are grown slowly to full maturity, creating fat marbling throughout the meat for added flavour and rich texture.

Our free range Christmas geese are available for pre-order now for those that want something different to the traditional Turkey or Cockerel. Supplied dry plucked with giblets.

Free Range Goose Delivery

  • This is a Pre-Order item only! Please keep this order separate from items you may wish to receive earlier than with your Christmas delivery.
  • These Geese will only be ready for Christmas.