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Herefordshire Cider & Apple Cured Salmon

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Cured like a gravlax but to Macneil's own unique flavour and recipe using the best flavours Herefordshire has to offer combined with exceptional quality salmon sliced “Scandinavian Style” (straight down along the body and longer slices at the tail). Herefordshire Cider & Apple Cured Salmon available in 100g packs, or 200g packs.

This product is for pre-order only and will be delivered as part of a Christmas order - for more information please check our Christmas Delivery information.

The Award Winning Macneil's Smokehouse

An artisan small scale producer based in Worcestershire, MacNeil's make small batches of smoked products in their professional smokehouse.

Using an imported vintage Norwegian smoking kiln they load racks with the highest quality ingredients and smoke to their own recipes. Their products are made using Norwegian techniques with the finest ingredients and a chef's know-how. Their cure and smoke process is unique and produces the most delicious melt in the mouth food which perfectly balances out any dish.