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Organic Chicken Thighs

Weight: 0.5 kg

£13.49 per kg (Cheaper with multi-buy options)

Treat yourself to a premium cut of British meat on the bone with our Organic Chicken thighs. As you would expect, our Organic Chicken thighs come with the skin on and bone in. Our thighs are plump and juicy and are full of flavour, not water. Chicken is a healthy and versatile meat and our Organic thighs are no exception. Treat yourself to a variety of dishes whether you add them to a stew, braise, poach or throw on the BBQ.

At Springfield Poultry our number one priority is our birds. Apart from their feed, all our Chickens Organic and Free ange are reared to the same Soil Association Organic standards. Our Organic Chickens receive a completely Organic feed free from GMO. Alongside this, they also have access to fresh Organic pastures in our Herefordshire fields. Receiving this high quality animal husbandry means they're given the best possible lifestyle on our farm. This is where they are free to roam our fields during daylight hours, where they can peck and forage.


We pack all our Organic Chicken Thighs with approximately 2 per pack. This number of items supplied is a guideline. A minimum weight is always guaranteed. However number of items per pack is an approximate. This is because our chickens vary in weight week by week. Want more info? Click here.