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Free Range Boneless Chicken Thigh

Weight: 600 g

Try our Free Range boneless chicken thigh, ideal for those who like thigh meat but aren't keen on the bone. Whilst most people opt for Chicken breasts, you shouldn't let the thigh pass you by. Our boneless thighs are juicy and full of flavour. The leg meat is well exercised which adds to the flavour and colour of the meat. Not sure how to serve up your Free Range boneless Chicken thighs? We like ours roasted. Add some garlic and lemon and you're on to a winner.


We pack all our Free Range Boneless Chicken Thighs with approximately 4-5 per pack. This number of items supplied is a guideline, a minimum weight of 600g is always guaranteed. This is because our chickens vary in weight week by week. Want more info? Click here.