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Organic Chicken Crown

Weight: 1.0 kg

£15.13 per kg (Cheaper with multi-buy options)

If you want a roast Chicken but you're catering for smaller appetites, try our Organic Chicken Crown. Our oven ready bird comes with the legs removed but with the wings still attached. Because of this our crown is quicker to cook and also easier to carve. Why choose a crown you may say? The crown is ideal for a simple fuss free roast and lovers of the breast meat. Also, Chicken meat on the bone is naturally more flavoursome and moist.

Our Organic Chicken crown on the bone is oven ready, meaning there is no additional preparation for your roast. Just remove the packaging and pop into the oven. If you're feeling really fancy, cook yours with fresh redcurrants and rosemary. Ideal to add a fragrant and tasty flavour to your bird.

Springfield Poultry only rear Organic Chickens and Turkeys to the highest possible welfare standards. This means we make sure our birds have plenty of space indoors and outdoors. We also understand that Chickens would naturally spend most of their time outdoors. So that is where our birds spend the majority of their time. Exercising, foraging and enjoying fresh air. Small changes to our birds living conditions are what make a big difference to the taste and texture of our meat.


We hand prepare and tray wrap all our Chicken crowns. They’re sent out on polystyrene trays and within the insulated box are accompanied with ice packs to keep the products fresh in transit. Note: Weights displayed are minimum only.