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Springfield Poultry is Now Springfield Organics Still Naturally Good...Welcome To Our New Website!

Organic Chicken Hearts

Weight: 0.45 kg

£11.46 per kg (Cheaper with multi-buy options)

Try our Organic Chicken Hearts and nourish your body with this low cost superfood. While it might suprise you, Chicken hearts are considered to be a health boosting superfood. This is because they're packed with vitamins, amino acids and omega 3. So although you think they look "offal" you should give them a chance. It's not very often you find a nutrtious superfood with a low price tag.

At Springfield Poultry, our family has been rearing poultry on our Herefordshire farm for nearly 60 years. With farming and butchery a rich part of our family history, our knowledge and experience in Organic and Free Range farming is hard to beat. Alongside our past, at present we have 3 generations of Mee's working on our farm, whether it's in the fields, in the office or on the road.


We hand prepare and pack all our Free Range Chicken hearts. We vacuum pack all hearts sent out to improve the refrigerated shelf and to make storage easier. Have any more questions? Get in touch!