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Frozen Organic Whole Chicken

£14.95 £20.97
Weight: 1.8 kg

We have run out of stock for this item.

Treat yourself this Sunday to our oven ready Organic Whole Chicken. Got a large crowd coming over this weekend? Spoil them with a Springfield Organic roast Chicken. With a whole Organic Chicken you have crisp skin and juicy meat for everyone. From white breast meat to dark meat on the bone. The added bonus of a whole Chicken is the leftovers that come with it on a Monday. Ideal for an easy no fuss dinner.

Our Chickens are naturally lean, due to spending the majority of their lives outdoors roaming free. This active lifestyle and being well exercised is what makes our Chickens low in fat. The access to fresh pastures, organic feed, fresh air and natural surroundings are what we believe makes the difference to our meat.


We tray wrap all our whole Organic Chickens, which are hand plucked and prepared ready for the oven.   Please Note: Weights displayed are minimum only.