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Free Range Diced Chicken Leg packs

1 pack (2kg)
Weight: 2.0 kg

Cut down your kitchen prep with our quick and easy Free Range diced Chicken leg. Hand prepared at the farm means the hard work is taken care of. Our Free Range diced Chicken leg is full of flavour and just the right size for curries and pies. Oven ready and convenient means you can assure your dinner is quicker tonight.

Like the idea of quick and easy dinners? Check out our Free Range Chicken Mince, Free Range Diced Chicken Breast and Free Range Chicken Sausages. All ideal for the quick and no fuss dinner you've been looking for, with no added nasties.

If high welfare is what you're looking for, then you've come to the right place. As choosing Free Range Chicken from Springfield means you’re choosing to support high welfare British farming. This in turn improves the lifestyle of the meat you’re eating. All our Chickens, Organic and Free Range are free to roam. They have full access to the outdoors during daylight hours. Where they are free to graze, forage and behave naturally as Chickens should. So you can feel guilt free while you're tucking into your Free Range Chicken stir fry.


We vacuum pack all our Free Range diced Chicken leg, This packaging keeps our products fresh and helps to improve the refrigerated shelf life. 

These are produced in 500g packs to ensure these can be easily frozen/portioned as required.