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Organic Beef Rump Steak

Weight: 0.25 kg

Rump steak is probably one cut which I don't have to tell you which part of the animal it comes from! For best results, make sure the steaks are room temperature before cooking on a high heat griddle pan/frying pan or BBQ. Also ensure that you properly rest the steaks after cooking to give a softer texture.

1 x 250g Steak per pack

A note about the award-winning Rhug Estate

We're sourcing this Organic Beef from Rhug Farm located in Denbighshire, Wales. This beef is produced from an Aberdeen Angus herd, bred on their coastal farm in Caernarfon. Crossed with Stabiliser bulls to create a fat covering to aid the dry-ageing process, the herd are primarily grass-fed, supplemented with home-grown organic cereals. To further enhance it's tenderness and flavour the meat is dry-aged for 35 days in a chamber lined with Himalayan salt blocks.