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Organic Bison Burgers

Weight: 0.23 kg

If you've not previously tried burgers from a butcher/online butcher, you'll love discovering the differences. They don't shrink to half of their original size when cooking them, and you taste more of the meat itself - nothing artificial. Meaty Bison burgers mixed with a unique seasoning to add something different to your barbecue or grill.

May be supplied frozen.

Pack of 2 Burgers approx 230g

A note about the award-winning Rhug Estate

We're sourcing this Organic Beef from Rhug Estate located in Denbighshire, Wales. This beef is produced from an Aberdeen Angus herd, bred on their coastal farm in Caernarfon. Crossed with stabiliser bulls to create a good fat covering, the herd are primarily grass-fed, and supplemented with home-grown organic cereals.