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Tayberry Jam

Tayberry Jam
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Tayberry Jam. Tayberries are magnificent, aromatic, tart berries vibrant on the palette. A hybrid soft fruit berry, a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry, rich in vitamins and producing a tangy, delicious lip-smacking Tayberry Jam.

Handmade in small batches using traditional methods to our family recipe, this is one of our more unusual jams. 220g

Ingredients: Tayberries (50%), Sugar

Three Fruity Ladies

Meet Pam, Lesley, and Emily. A mother and two daughters who hold their husband/father John responsible for their now infamous local business. John is a keen grower of fruit and vegetables, so much so that the family found themselves in the position of having more than they could possibly eat!

Pam preserved as much of this as she could in jams and preserves and gifted these to friends and family. The response she received encouraged her to begin selling the preserves which has gained momentum and established a truly wonderful artisanal family business which we're proud bring to you through Springfield.