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Why Order An Organic Or Free Range Christmas Turkey?

Why Order An Organic Or Free Range Christmas Turkey?

All you need to know about our Organic & Free Range Christmas turkeys

We believe it's fundamentally important to buy locally, know the origin of the meat you're eating & the life journey it's had. So read more about how we rear our traditional Christmas Turkeys & what makes them so special below. All our Christmas Turkeys and Christmas Cockerels are prepared fresh at our farm ready for national delivery as close to Christmas as possible.

Preparing for the turkeys

For both our organic & free range turkeys we start thinking about Christmas in April. We prepare our fields in spring, ready for the arrival of our turkey poults in July. After hatching, our turkeys brood for 4 weeks in a spacious & warm shed. Our agricultural team give the poults special care & attention before they head outside.

Roaming free

Once they are old enough, by day our turkeys roam freely in our Herefordshire fields. From dawn to dusk they enjoy shelter under the trees & wandering across the fields pecking, scratching and spreading their wings.

Stress free lifestyle

Our turkeys live a stress free life, we make sure of it. Our care & years of experience means stress free and healthy turkeys are produced annually. From being kept in natural and calm environments where the turkeys can exhibit natural behaviour, to minimal handling & absolutely no live transportation. Both our free range and organic turkeys are reared to the same high standards, with the only difference between the 2 is the feed they recieve - one being comprised of ingredients sourced from organically accredited land, and the other not.

Pre-order your traditional whole Christmas turkey

A Christmas turkey is an investment. It's what we all look forward to for months to come & if done right is something you think about fondly for months afterwards. Order your Free Range Christmas turkey, here. Order your Organic Christmas turkey, here.