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Organic Garlic Chicken Nuggets (Gluten Free option available)

Organic Garlic Chicken Nuggets (Gluten Free option available)

Have you ever sneaked a chicken nugget from your dearly beloved child's plate, popped it in your mouth and then regretted it immediately? If, like me you can't bear the commercial mass produced "crumb" on breaded chicken - (no matter how posh the brand) you may like these organic garlic nuggets.

These child and adult-friendly organic chicken garlic nuggets of joy are ideal with a garlic dip or good old tomato ketchup. You can also oven bake if you are weight-watching, shallow or deep fry - depending upon your preference. (If you do oven bake they will remain quite pale and might need a scattering of rocket for decoration - but think of the saved calories!) There is a gluten free option too (please see below for link)