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Chicken Pancakes

Smoked Springfield Free-Range Chicken Breast Pancakes

A perfect way to use up extra pancake batter - if there is any! A super quick supper idea or if you don't have a sweet tooth like me. A whole smoked chicken breast from Springfield Poultry will last around a week in the fridge once opened (if kept covered so it doesn't dry up). It's a great standby to spruce up a work day lunch box, pasta sauce or salad.


For this recipe I made a bechamel (white) sauce (click on link for BBC Good Food instructions on this) and folded in my sliced Springfield free-range smoked chicken breast. Season this to taste with some salt and pepper and wrap it in a blanket of warm pancake. Some peppery rocket is the perfect side for this dish to tie it all together. Give it a go - super simple and delicious!