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Frozen Free Range Diced Chicken Breast Fillets

£9.65 £13.00
1 pack
Weight: 0.5 kg


Looking for complete convenience, look no further & try our Free Range diced Chicken breast fillets. Diced by us, cooking your dinner couldn't be quicker! Our diced Chicken breast is no fuss and is ready to pop into your curry or stir fry. A low fat but high protein dinner staple. Like our oven ready Free Range Chicken? Try our Free Range diced leg and our Free Range Chicken Mince. So why not swap your takeaway treat for our healthy diced Chicken breast fillets. They're ideal to pop into your satay Chicken fake-away.

So what makes Springfield Chicken's different? All our Chickens, Organic and Free Range are free to roam. In addition to this, all our birds live in smaller flocks, in a calm environment with reduced stress. Unlike intensively reared birds, our Chickens are never given growth promoting hormones. So our birds grow naturally, which is why our birds can fluctuate in size so much. 


All our Free Range diced Chicken breast is vacuum packed in 400g bags and then frozen