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The Motley Crew

Introducing the Springfield Poultry team
At Springfield Poultry we are blessed with a tight band of loyal and long serving staff members. Our longest standing member of staff, Johnny Phillips, has been with for Springfield for over 50 years having started out on Rodney and Beryl’s farm in Christmas 1967.
Read more about our motley crew below.
Directors: Rodney, Beryl, Nigel & Stewart
Springfield Poultry was created through the hard work and perseverance of Rodney and Beryl Mee. Up until 2003 Rodney was still working full time at Springfield Poultry after first buying the farm in 1956. Rod sadly passed away in 2019 but kept a watchful an eye on the business he started nearly 60 years ago right until his last days, passing on occasional pearls of wisdom to his boys.
From left to right: Nigel, Rodney, Stewart
After learning the trade from their Dad (who in turn learned his trade from his father and generations of Mee’s before), Nigel and Stewart now run and manage Springfield Poultry.
Stewart and Nigel
In the office: Angie, Monica, Michelle & Jack
Although the business was handed over to Nigel and Stewart, the business wouldn't be running smoothly without the help of the Springfield office angels Angie and Monica. They look after our customers from start to finish and will be happy to help with any questions you might have. Michelle is our factory manager who has been with the company for 35 years! She oversees all operations in the factory and has developed expert knowledge on everything poultry. Jack is head of marketing and has been helping make Springfield Poultry a household name through social media, newsletters, and the website, as well as help to develop the farms approach to eco-friendly practices. If you have any questions for us don't hesitate to get in touch!
Our agricultural team: Stockman Graham, Bryn, Jamie, Will, Tom & the team
Our agricultural team are what keep the business ticking away smoothly. They're out in the fields at all hours, regardless of the weather, ensuring our Chickens are out and about and above all happy. Our agricultural team hand rear our Organic and Free Range Chickens 52 weeks of the year. Then from May onwards they start preparations for the arrival of our Turkey Poults.
Manufacturing team: Michelle, Ros, Iris & the girls
As vital as any role played at Springfield, we have a great manufacturing team. A group of longstanding staff members and a mixture of new faces too. Our manufacturing team are what make sure our premium Chicken and Turkey meat is sent out exactly as the customer requests.
The Springfield team at Christmas
The Dispatch Team: Glyn, Jonathon & Les
Our dispatch team are the last staff members to handle any orders going out. This team ensure the orders are made up, correctly labelled and most importantly are shipped off with the courier!
Les in the packing fridge
The Delivery Team: Geoff, Jonny, Jamie, Mick & Jobe
Our delivery drivers are dedicated to bringing our produce sraight to your door in our refrigerated vans.
Geoff - our best driver who should have his own page on the website, not just a little mention here... and probably a pay rise
Part of the furniture: Johnny Phillips, Wes & Michelle
As mentioned above, Johnny Phillips has been working at Springfield Poultry over 50 years, since Christmas 1967. Johnny was previously our head stockman, he is now semi retired. Although semi retired, Johnny still does a delivery round for Springfield and is very much part of the furniture on the farm.
Michelle, our office angel and manufacturing manager has worked at Springfield Poultry since she was 15, just over 30 years. Without Michelle we're sure the farm operation wouldn't run as smoothly.
Wes, like Michelle and Johnny is also a longstanding member of staff. Starting out at Springfield Poultry when he was 27 Wes has worked at Springfield Poultry ever since. A lover of green overalls, Wes can be spotted from a mile away in his very distinct work uniform.
On the Farm since 1967