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Chicken Manure for Compost

With the amount of chickens we process fresh each week, there's a lot of 'by-product' generated. This manure can be in quite high demand due to its versatility in particular within the gardening world. It is renowned for its great fertilizing qualities due to its high level of nitrogen and other balanced nutrients. Raw chicken muck can 'burn' plants and vegetables if applied directly without being composted. What we're offering is a mixture of chicken manure with the bedding which is made up from rape-seed straw. We'd still recommend that you compost the manure for a period of time to prevent fresh muck from burning your plants.

Free with Orders from Springfield!

If you place an order for chicken online or over the telephone for collection at Springfield, we're offering that you can bring a trailer (and tarp able to cover the trailer) to collect a trailer full of manure for FREE. Just ring up once your order is placed to book a time for when you can pick up the manure. We'll just ask for an order number/your name to check against our orders and arrange everything for the collection. It's important that you ring and don't turn up unannounced with a trailer! We'll need to make sure everything is ready and someone is able to help with loading. This will mean booking a time slot with us over the phone. If you haven't ordered any chicken from us but would still like to collect some in a trailer etc, give us a call on 01568760270 and we'll arrange a collection time. This method will incur a small fee of around £10 depending upon the load size.