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Our Guarantee

At Springfield Poultry we guarantee to supply only British, high quality poultry. All of our birds are free range and some bred on an organic diet. We follow Soil Association guidelines to produce Chickens and Turkeys within natural environments, producing poultry that tastes how it should: naturally good. We believe that you are rewarded for the way you care for your meat by how it tastes. This is why we ensure all our Chickens and Turkeys are out in the fields from dawn until dusk; grazing, exercising and enjoying the fresh air. Because our Free Range and Organic birds have a happy life, we can guarantee that the meat you receive will always be top quality and full of flavour.

Only supplying British High Welfare poultry is our guarantee to you

Whilst we can never guarantee the exact weights and sizes of our Chickens, we can always guarantee quality. You cannot mass produce a 1.8kg Organic and Free Chicken, not the way we're doing things anyway! This is because we don't tamper with their bodies and give them growth enhancing drugs. Our Chickens are slow-growing breeds so they take their time to mature. While we always strive to produce exact size Chickens and Turkeys, please bear in mind everyone and everything is unique. So you might wonder why on each product page we note that all pack sizes are approximates. This is because our Chickens vary from week to week. One week we may have small birds, another they might be quite large. So please bear with us if you get slightly less pieces per pack sometimes. You'll always receive the weight specified on our website (sometimes more) but exact pieces per pack may vary. Please note, if you pay for an exact weight, you will always receive this. Sometimes, you may receive a little more than you paid for but you'll never be charged extra.