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Our Local Producers

Springfield are extremely proud to bring a selection of Local Products to you. As you know with our chicken, we're quite meticulous when it comes to quality so we've taken great care in deciding who to partner up with. We hope that you love their businesses and products as much as we do, here's a little introduction to who they are and how we came to discover them.

Graig Farm

Graig Farm

Specialists in Organic meat, we've been supplying Graig Farm with chicken for many years while placing private orders with them for some quality roasting joints to treat the family. Located in Mongomeryshire, Wales, the farm has been in the Rees family since the 1940’s, and Jonathan Rees (above with his family), the proprietor of Graig Farm Organics, has lived there all of his life.

All of the butchery and processing is carried out at the new processing facilities on the farm. The Head Butcher, Mariusz Hetman, and his team ensure that high standards are achieved and maintained at all times. Jonathan and his family have won a series of prestigious awards, including the ‘True Taste’ awards, in recognition of the quality of their organic meat.

Three Fruity Ladies

If you're looking for a real taste of homemade Herefordshire I would point anyone in the direction of this wonderful company! John encouraged his wife (Pam) and two daughters (Emily and Lesley) down this venture of making chutneys, jams, ketchups etc given that he was producing so much fresh fruit and veg out of his love for farming. The result has become an incredibly succesful family business which really captures the essence and tastes of the countryside.

We only stock a selection of products which are available directly from the Three Fruity Ladies. If you want to see other flavours and products which they sell take a look here.

Macneils's Smokehouse

Working with a smokehouse is a great experience. Working with Macneil's Smokehouse is an absolute luxury! They've been smoking our chicken for quite a few years now but we're very pleased to more recently be able to offer some of their other products to our customers including incredible smoked salmon and mackerel. They use an imported vintage Norwegian smoking kiln with the highest quality ingredients and smoke to their own recipes using Norwegian techniques.

They have a variety of products available which we don't stock through our shop. Take a look!

Risbury Rapeseed Oil

You can't come to Herefordshire and avoid the beautiful golden fields of Rapeseed. There's no better addition to your kitchen than these cold-pressed oil and dressings which come in a variety of flavours. You can use them to fry, drizzle, dip, dress, there's really so many ways in which you can use these to elevate your Springfield chicken to the next level.

Take a look at some of our recipes to see how!

The Ludlow Pickle Company

Having worked together for several years, chefs Jean and Paul have created a selection of products to enhance everyday dishes and excite your taste buds.

If you’re from the Shropshire/Herefordshire area this will be a familiar name to you, we’re excited to be working with them and hope that you find their products to be a great compliment to our growing selection of lcoal products. With a great selection of delicious pickles and pickled sauces, there’s something for everyone.

Monkland Cheese Dairy


This award winning artisan Dairy is located just down the road from us in Herefordshire and produces some of the finest local cheeses. If you're ever in the area, take the opportunity to visit their excellent Tea Room - they even run tours of the Dairy and Cheese Experience Days where you can learn about the entire cheese-making process.

We're stocking a selection of their best-sellers which are perfect on any cheese-board, and why not get experimental and introduce some of it into your favourite chicken dishes?

Tyrrells Crisps

Tyrrells Crisps have become a household name across the Country and have now begun to make a name for themselves across Europe and the U.S. William Chase founded the company in 2002 just down the road from us in Leominster, so all of us Herefordians have a soft-spot for the delicious crunchy treats!

We're very pleased to be able to offer a selection of these crisps to our customers alongside the chicken and other great local products we offer.

Gordon & Carola Keen's Herefordshire Honey

The Keen's are family friends of the Mee's at Springfield and it just so happens that they are in the business of making delicious Honey! This is as traditional as it gets for Herefordshire honey making and the result is a granulated honey which - when heated - turns into a luxuriously thick golden liquid.