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Rearing Happy Chickens

At Springfield Organics we're responsible for rearing happy Chickens 52 weeks of the year.

You might ask how we would classify whether a Chicken is happy. Well, we'd say that this list, to name a few, makes for a very happy bird.
  • Living in smaller flocks with ample space within their sheds
  • Unrestricted access to fresh pastures during daylight hours
  • Freedom to peck, graze, scratch and dust bathe. As Chickens naturally would
  • Living in a natural, calm environment
  • Never being fed growth promoting hormones to increase their size
  • Unrestricted access to fresh Herefordshire air and natural sunlight. Whether they're indoors or outdoors.
  • Our chickens never have and never will be beak tipped.
  • All birds, including Free Range, are reared to Organic Farmers and Growers standards
Not only can we rest assured that we're rearing happy Chickens. But we also know the birds are better for you. This is because of their regular exercise. This guarantees a lower fat and higher protein bird. Besides this, we never give our birds any unnatural nasties. Unlike those you may find in an intensively reared Chicken.

Rearing happy Chickens is our priority

We hand rear all our Organic and Free Range Chickens and Turkeys. This personal touch from our experienced stockmen is how we ensure all our birds are treated with the best care and attention. We rear all our Chickens for a minimum of 10 weeks. This is double that of a conventional bird. In this time our Chickens are well exercised in our fresh pastures. Consume a natural diet consisting of grains, fresh grass and insects in the fields. Most importantly, are never given any unnatural growth promoting drugs or hormones. Our Hubbard Chickens are a slow growing strain and therefore are given the time they need to mature slowly.

"We rear all our Chickens for a minimum of 10 weeks"

The living conditions of our birds are very important. Which is why the way the birds are housed indoors is equally as important as the outdoor conditions. Sometimes this is overlooked when discussing the benefits of Free Range and Organic poultry. So let us explain about our housing conditions. All our Chickens and Turkeys live in small flocks. This is very similar to the natural living conditions of these birds. The smaller number of birds per shed also means our birds are never squashed into their sheds. There is always ample space for them to move around and behave as chickens should. This in turn leads to our Chickens being calm with as little stress as possible.

"All our Chickens and Turkeys live in small flocks"

Our sheds ventilate naturally, so our birds always have access to fresh air. Fresh air indoors and outdoors. This natural air flow also keeps their sheds fresh and cool during warmer weather. Alongside fresh air, we also light our sheds naturally. The access to natural lighting is better for the Chickens and their sleeping patterns.

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So basically, when you purchase Organic and Free Range Poultry you're choosing the best possible life a Chicken could have. And we really believe it's worth paying for quality over quantity. But for you to agree with us, you'll need to try our Chicken & Turkey first! Click here to browse our Free Range or Organic produce and our food for dogs.  rearing happy chickens