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Free Range Chicken Sausages

Weight: 0.5 kg

£12.00 per kg

If you're looking for a pork sausage alternative, look no further than our diet friendly Free Range Chicken Sausages. They're low fat, high in protein and high in flavour. Whether you don't like pork or you're just looking for a low fat alternative, these will fit the bill. These sausages are not Gluten Free.

We're calling these our "Nothing But Chicken" sausages given that they have no additional flavours added and are made from our 100% British Free Range Chicken leg meat. We've chosen this cut of the bird because we know the darker leg meat is richest in flavour. Because of this, we can guarantee that this sausage is full of flavour, tender and lean.

Hand reared by us in Herefordshire all of our Chicken have minimal food miles so we pride that you're getting a product better for you and the environment. If you fancy trying some of these beauties alongside our other Free Range cuts, check out our Hamper!

Allergen Information

Contains Sulphites.


All our Free Range Chicken sausages are supplied vacuum packed. Minimum pack size is 500g.