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Free Range Chicken Crown

Weight: 1.0 kg

£11.17 per kg (Cheaper with multi-buy options)

Treat yourself to a no fuss Sunday lunch with our Free Range Chicken crown. Taken from a whole Chicken, our breast meat on the bone is full of flavour and minimal effort. Also the Chicken crown means everyone gets a piece of the breast meat! Forget any fighting over who gets what!

Our Chicken crown on the bone is oven ready, meaning there is no additional preparation for your roast. Just take the Chicken out of the packaging and pop in the oven! To pack a palatable punch, add in additional flavourings if you wish. A few cubes of butter, peppercorns and thyme leaves make for an extra tasty bird. An ideal choice for dinner parties.

Springfield Poultry only rear Chickens and Turkeys to the highest possible welfare standards. Which means we make sure our birds have plenty of space indoors and outdoors. We also understand that Chickens would naturally spend most of their time outdoors. So that is where our birds spends the majority of their time.


We hand prepare and tray wrap all our Chicken crowns. They're sent out on polystyrene trays and within the insulated box are accompanied with ice packs to keep the products fresh in transit.

PLEASE NOTE: Weights displayed are minimum only.