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Free Range Whole Chicken Legs

Weight: 0.7 kg

£8.08 per kg (Cheaper with multi-buy options)


Enjoy dark meat on the bone with our Free Range Whole Chicken Legs. Chicken legs are naturally darker in meat colour. This is because the muscles are well exercised in comparison to the breast and wings, which are naturally lighter in colour. The extra exercise and movements made by the leg and thigh naturally add a more intense flavour to the meat.

All our birds, Organic and Free Range, are slow growing strains. This means they're hand reared for a minimum of 10 weeks (almost double that of a intensively reared bird). In those 10 weeks our birds are free to roam, exercise and forage in the fields. Living in calm and natural environments ensures our birds are never stressed. Stress free & calm birds make for better tasting meat. All our Free Range Whole Chicken leg quarters are prepared with the bone in and skin on.


We tray wrap all our Whole Chicken legs with approximately 2 per pack. This number of items supplied is a guideline. A minimum weight is always guaranteed. However number of items per pack is an approximate. This is because our chickens vary in weight week by week. Want more info? Click here.