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Fresh Organic Diced Chicken Leg

£9.98 £12.50
Weight: 500 g

Try our quick and convenient Organic diced Chicken leg, perfect for speedy midweek suppers. In recent years, many celebrity chefs have recommended using the leg, as the darker meat is believed to be tastier. The leg meat is also more economical. Diced Chicken leg is extremely versatile. Whether you add our oven ready diced leg to a curry, stew, pie or kebab for the BBQ. We're sure that our diced Chicken leg, like the diced breast, will be a regular in your kitchen. No skin, or bone just meat.

By choosing Organic Free Range Chicken from Springfield Organics, you’re choosing to support high welfare British farming. Thus by doing this, your choice actively improves the lifestyle and quality of the meat you're eating.


We vacuum pack all our Organic diced Chicken leg, This packaging keeps our products fresh and helps to improve the refrigerated shelf life. 

These are produced in 500g packs to ensure these can be easily frozen/portioned as required.