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Frozen Organic Whole Chicken Legs

£8.11 £9.03
1 pack
Weight: 700 g

If you're looking for plenty of dark meat on the bone try our Organic Whole Chicken legs, you won't be disappointed. Chicken legs are known to be naturally darker in colour. This is because the legs are constantly used and exercised by our Free Ranging Chickens. The more exercise carried out by the Chicken means a darker colour in the leg and more intense flavour. If you're looking for a rich and meaty flavour try the whole leg. We only believe in high welfare farming methods, where our Chickens are free to roam from dawn to dusk. While we know the outdoors is important for a great tasting bird, the indoors is equally as important. All our free range and organic Chickens have ample space in their sheds. Because of this our Chickens (and Turkeys) can spread their wings indoors and outdoors. 


All our whole chicken legs are vacuum packed and come with approximately 2 per pack. This number of items supplied is a guideline. A minimum weight of 700g is always guaranteed. However number of items per pack is an approximate because our chickens vary in weight week by week.

This product is frozen.