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Organic Chicken Breast Portion

Weight: 0.8 kg

£15.67 per kg (Cheaper with multi-buy options)


If you like your Chicken breast on the bone, try our Organic Chicken breast portion. Sometimes referred to as a Chicken breast quarter, our Chicken breast portion includes the breast meat and the wing bone. The best of both worlds for lovers of white meat and chicken on the bone. Our Chicken breast portion is a generous size for one person and is a brilliant low fat, high protein source.

Our Chicken breast portions are extra juicy and moist. Due to the bone in and skin on. Each week our Chicken breast portions are prepared freshly to order.

All our organic chicken have access to natural pastures in our Herefordshire fields. Where the birds can roam freely, graze and behave naturally during daylight hours. In addition to the natural foraging, our birds have a totally organic diet consisting of organic feed. As we believe you can't rush perfection, all our organic and free range chickens are slow growing breeds. Where they are reared for a minimum of 10 weeks. Double that of a conventional intensively reared chicken. As a result we believe this high welfare lifestyle and additional 5 weeks to mature reflects in the great taste of our Chickens.


We tray wrap all our Chicken breast portions, which are packed 2 per pack. A minimum weight is always guaranteed. Want more information? Click here.