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Organic Chicken Liver

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Weight: 0.45 kg

Create a rich and flavourful Chicken liver pâté with our Organic Chicken liver. Although you might think the idea of eating liver is "offal", liver is incredibly good for you. Especially because they're Organic, our livers are rich in protein and folate. Alongside that, the livers are packed with iron and vitamin A & B.

Often when you think of liver, pâté comes to mind. But livers can do so much more than that. Chicken liver is incredibly versatile and tasty, if cooked correctly. Why not try pan frying, devilling or throwing them in a frying pan and creating liver and onions. Then serve them up with crusty bread or with a salad and voila you have a tasty starter.

At Springfield Poultry, we only rear high welfare Organic and Free Range poultry. This means we only rear our Chickens and Turkeys to have the best life possible. From smaller flocks, spacious sheds to fresh Organic pastures outdoors. We ensure every aspect of the Chickens life is calm and stress free. We know that a calm lifestyle, grown slowly for a minimum of 10 weeks is what makes our birds full of flavour.