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Organic Chicken Wings

£4.50 £4.75
Weight: 0.5 kg

Why not prepare yourself a healthy and high protein snack with our Organic Chicken wings. Whether you piri piri them or throw them on the BBQ, you can eat these feeling guilt free. Our Springfield Organic Chicken wings are extremely popular and are always a sell out and for good reason too. Not only are our Chicken wings good for you, as they're a low cost lean protein source. But also our Organic Chickens are only fed an Organic feed. Which means no hormones, no GMO and no nasties in our Chicken.

You can't beat a Chicken wing. Whether you like crispy Chicken skin, tender meat, or meat on the bone. Our Chicken wings have it all. So why not try marinating your Organic Chicken Wings in a sticky BBQ glaze; we know you'll be on to a wing-er.


We pack all our wings with approximately 5 per pack. A minimum weight is always guaranteed. However number of items per pack is an approximate. This is because our chickens vary in weight week by week. Want more information? Read more about our guarantee here.

This product may be supplied frozen.