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Organic Diced Chicken Breast Fillet

Weight: 0.4 kg

For a completely easy no fuss dinner, try our Organic diced Chicken breast fillet. Our Organic Chicken breast fillets are a popular kitchen staple with our customers. But they're even more so when they arrive diced and ready to be added to your favourite dishes. Our Chicken breast fillets are low in fat but high in protein and flavour. Add yours to fajitas, a satay sauce or an oriental Chicken curry.

The only difference between our Organic and Free Range chickens is their feed, nothing else! With our acres of fields on the farm our Organic and Free Range Chickens are free to roam with plenty of space during daylight hours. We only select slow growing breeds, which are reared for a minimum of 10 weeks, fed a natural diet and are free roaming. Which we believe is the secret to produce a tasty bird.


All our Organic diced Chicken breasts are vacuum packed. This is to extend the refrigerated shelf life of the product & ensure freshness. Are you a keen Chicken eater? Bulk buy our diced Chicken breast fillets and ensure you always get your Chicken fix.