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Organic Turkey Mince (low in fat) 300g

£7.50 £9.55
1 pack
Weight: 0.3 kg

Turkey mince holds so much natural flavour and adds a different dimension to meals such as bolognese, meatballs or ragu.  Our turkey mince is also lower in fat than red meat alternatives and packed full of flavour ideal for your January health kick.

Please note that we supply the turkey mince frozen. Each pack sent out is in 300 gram packs.

When you purchase your Organic mince from Springfield you're choosing to support high welfare farming. This improves the lifestyle of the Turkeys and Chickens and also improves the taste and texture of the meat you're eating. Our Organic Turkeys have full dawn to dusk access to the outdoors. Giving them the chance to graze, exercise and behave naturally. See our turkey mince lasagne recipe here