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Cooking Steak with Chicken Specialists

We know poultry pretty well, but as food lovers we can still give you a few tips when it comes to cooking a beautiful steak. Use this helpful guide to get juicy steaks cooked to your liking.


Not only does this apply to the cut of meat you're cooking, but also to the pan you're cooking the steak in. You'll be using a medium/high temperature with not too much fat in the pan to start with so a good non-stick pan is needed.


Before cooking the steak, make sure that you bring the meat to room temperature by taking it out of the fridge a few hours before cooking it. As mentioned above, you want a hot pan with sizzles but doesn't smoke. When the steak hits the pan you should be greeted by the sound of sizzling goodness, and not a call from the emergency services.


Keep it simple. Start with some good quality kosher salt, the larger crystals help to absorb the juices on the outer layer of the steak. Be generous with the salt! Don't create little salt mountains but do create a visible layer of seasoning. Freshly cracked/ground black pepper is an amazing complimentary flavour, don't be quite as generous as the salt but a few cracks on each side will do.


Colour = flavour. When the steak hits your oiled pan, the sizzle with help kick-start the beginnings of a beautiful golden brown love story. Even cooking is essential, so flip it when you're happy that the underside is a lovely crust.


Timing is tricky, every steak is unique with a number of factors which effect cooking time, get to grips with cooking by looks and feel rather than a mathematical science! Alongside this, every cook is unique. Many swear that the best method to tell when your steak is cooked is by touch. This takes a bit of learning and practice but if it works for you then it's a great method. Many others use a meat thermometer which is largely more accurate, and great for thicker steaks to ensure the temperature is right in the middle of the steak.


When your steak is about 30 seconds from being done, add a generous knob of butter to the pan with some garlic and herbs. Spoon the melted butter over the top of the steak repeatedly to take the crust of your steak to the next level.


You've gone to so much hard work, the steak is piping hot, fresh from the pan, and you can't wait for that first bite of golden salty crust. Whatever you do... don't give in!! Remove the steak from the buttery pan and let it rest on a chopping board for at least 5 minutes. Don't let it go cold, but this will let the juices all return to where they belong, before being destined for your belly.