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Smoked Mackerel Paté Recipe

Smoked Mackerel Paté Recipe

One of the simplest and best ways to start your dinner party!


2 smoked mackerel fillets
100g cream cheese
75g crème fraîche
2 tsp freshly grated horseradish (or 3 tsp horseradish sauce)
Lemon, to squeeze
Small handful of dill, finely chopped

1. Skin the mackerel fillets and do a quick check for any bones – they're not unknown. Flake three quarters into a food processor with the cheese, crème fraîche and horseradish and whizz until smooth.

2. Add a good grinding of black pepper, and lemon juice to taste, then fold through the dill and the remaining fish. Serve with rye bread or crisp sourdough toast.