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Countryfile Organic Chicken

Springfield Poultry on BBC's Countryfile

No Routine use of Antibiotics

Countryfile's Tom Heap interviews our own Stewart Mee about our free range and organic chickens. We have been producing organic and free range poultry for over thirty years and whilst the debate over antibiotic use in farming rages, Stewart explains how you can rear chickens without the routine use of antibiotics. The regular use of antibiotics is becoming a substantial issue in farming which can result in antibiotic immunity within humans. "Anti-biotic free" does not always mean that the animal has never come into contact with antibiotics - rather that they've been without antibiotics for a period of time which is sufficient to have got all of the antibiotics out of their systems. Make sure you take note of the labels on the meat you're buying! To watch the clip click below.... Watch our free range and organic chickens, raised in the open air on our Hereford farm, this is our third appearance on Countryfile - one of the UK's most watched and respected TV programmes.