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Free Range Chicken Thighs

Weight: 0.5 kg

£8.08 per kg (Cheaper with multi-buy options)

If you want premium cut meat but can't stretch for the premium prices, try our Free Range Chicken Thighs. They're one of the most economical pieces of the Chicken and are ideal for a weekday supper. Buy it in bulk and you've got both healthy and high quality meat.

Not sure how to serve up your juicy Chicken thighs? They're ideal in a casserole or thrown in the slow cooker, for meat that falls off the bone. With the skin on and bone in, the Chicken thighs are extra juicy and flavourful. We're dedicated to ensuring all meat you receive is of the highest quality. That means your Chicken Thighs, and other cuts, are always cut to order and are prepared fresh on our Herefordshire farm.

Springfield Poultry only rear Chickens and Turkeys to the highest possible welfare standards. Which means we make sure our birds have plenty of space indoors and outdoors. We also understand that Chickens would naturally spend most of their time outdoors. So that is where our birds spend the majority of their time. Exercising, foraging and enjoying fresh air. Small changes to our birds living conditions is what makes a big difference to the taste and texture of our meat.


We pack all our Free Range Chicken Thighs with approximately 2 per pack. This number of items supplied is a guideline, a minimum weight is always guaranteed. This is because our chickens vary in weight week by week. Want more info? Click here.