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CoolBox Packaging Solutions

Our New Packaging

Springfield's reputation for many years has been centered around the quality of the Chicken and Turkey we produce - and long may it continue! However, we're not so blinkered to believe that this is all that is needed to be regarded as a quality poultry supplier. The ethos applied to the rearing of our birds needs to be matched in every aspect of what we do. Packaging is no recent development, however legislation has typically Governed what we can and cannot use when delivering meat Nationwide. The focus has been on food safety above all. However, we're now seeing advancements which allow us as Producers to make conscious decisions don't only deliver food safely, but also places a high importance on the environmental impact those decisions are having.

CoolBox Solutions

Packaging is ever-evolving and progressing. Over the years, we've moved from cardboard boxes containing polystyrene insulation (eek!), to the boxes we use now which are 100% Kerbside Recyclable and use a thick layer of corrugated cardboard for insulation. The temperature retaining qualities of this insulation is exceptional, and it's helping to keep our fresh products chilled for a minimum of 48 hours! RecyCoolBox

Courier Safe!

Ever had the feeling when you're expecting a fragile parcel and are greeted by a box that looks like this: Trust me, with our old boxes which used the polystyrene insert we were getting cases of this every week! However with the new boxes the thick layer of corrugated cardboard also acts as fantastic protection for the products inside. To see some more information on our new box supplier, follow this link: https://www.coolboxsolutions.co.uk/

Out with the Old

Polystyrene was a necessary evil for quite a while at Springfield due to its excellent temperature retaining qualities, but it also happens to be one of the most difficult materials when it comes to recycling. Most councils in the UK do not currently have separate measures to recycle polystyrene. This is due to its value being measured 'per pound' which makes lightweight polystyrene a very unattractive material. The reason that this is a concern for us and our customers is inherent with the nature of our business. People who order from Springfield demonstrate their beliefs in supporting a better quality of life for the animals. This works so closely with the environment - especially given that one of the top standards for Organic food in the UK is the Soil Association. This ensures that the best welfare for the animals starts with the environment they are in. We could just apply this in a small scale to the patch of land we own, but isn't it time we all started being a bit more responsible? Without making this sound like a political appeal for the hearts of voters, yet still echoing the words of Mahatma Gandhi - we must be the change we want to see in the world. It would be easy to hold larger companies and brands accountable for some of the issues we're seeing recently. Instead, we can take it as a great opportunity to set an example from below. By raising our standards as suppliers and purchasers, we'll become expectant of environmental responsibility. This is a great thing. Currently we have to pay a premium for this kind of responsibility, but it's becoming a lot more mainstream. With all of this being said, this isn't to promote Springfield as the example others should follow. We're only just starting on this journey of change with hopefully more changes to come.